Where are the Christmas Cards?

20th December 2017

As technology changed the way we communicate, so did the tradition of sending traditional Christmas cards. The tradition is dying, eCards rule. Oh yes we love eCards! It is easy, fast, and cheap (sudah cepet sampe, banyak gratisan lagi!). Sending our warm greetings to families and friends far and near is so convenient. 

However, gradually, we realized that we miss the old tradition. Although eCards are fancy and free, not to mention they are environmental friendly, eCards fail to deliver the sentimental feelings that real paper Christmas cards can do.  Maybe it's only us longing for the tradition to be back XD

Back then, we actually enjoyed picking cards or made one or two DIY Christmas cards, added little notes and signatures using a real pencil or pen, mailed them or handed them personally to our loved ones. Kuno, ngrepotin, tapi meaningful. Gone were the days when people bothered to send real Christmas cards, when everything was in slower pace, with lesser distractions ... ha! 

So, do you care to send a real Christmas card? Perhaps you should, at least to your special ones :). DIY Christmas card is the best, but if you do not have enough time or your ideas are stuck or you know ... your WhatsApp is beeping hyperactively, leading you into temptation ... ho ho ho,  here is one of our free printable Christmas cards, feel free to print it on a plain or fancy paper. Or if you prefer to use it as an eCard, add your personal messages and send it to the world! 

Some more free printable Christmas cards here: http://www.geidanjai.com/kids-corner.php?r=christmas_card

Merry Christmas!





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